The Vizzards of Zum

Book 1 The Skateboarder
Chapbooks for Tweens
Author: Mark Littleton
Print ISBN: 9781616335441; 1616335440
eBook ISBN: 9781616335458; 1616335459

Scots Sanders hears skateboard sounds outside his window. He explores and discovers something incredible: the skateboarder is invisible? Why? What happened to do this to him? He investigates with his friends, the Vizzards, because they use certain magical and wizardly techniques (obtained from Scots’ uncle) to solve mysteries. Through watching and observation, then confronting the
ghost killed on the skateboard when he skated in front of a bus, they solve the case.

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Book Excerpt:

Chapter 1
Noises in the Morning
Scots Sanders woke up early to strange sounds. He went to the window and gazed out, listening intently. It had to be a skateboard; the scraping sounds; the round-off skid; the slapping of sneaker on pavement when the person pushed off; the bump noise as the wheels hit the separations in the sidewalk.
But no one appeared—even though the noises sounded close by.

“Hey! Who are you?” Scots yelled out the window. For a moment, the grating of steel wheels on concrete stopped. Then, it continued on, like someone had heard. But no one stood there. “What is this?” Scots asked. “I’ll have to get the Vizzards on this one.”

The Vizzards of Zum-Zum-Baree were a club that met in the woods behind his house. Six of them gathered, and they learned to use magical things of wizardry from Uncle Stax, the man who owned The Crazy-Mazy Magic Shop in the village. Not a real uncle like a relative, but everyone called him that like a nickname. Scots called himself a Vizzard, not a Wizard. A wizard looked like Harry Potter who did amazing things and fought evil tooth and nail until he almost died, and he always defeated the bad guys.

A Vizzard fights good and evil, yes. He or she can also do amazing things with certain little gadgets.

But in reality, a Vizzard played a kid who wanted to defeat evil wherever he found it and didn’t want to be called a Harry Potter wannabe. A Vizzard wanted to be his own person who did his own stuff in his own way. No comparisons, please.

Oh, and a Vizzard also went to public school. None of them could afford a place like a private school, especially one for wizards. He stopped a second and prayed, asking God to get involved, like he always did and began dressing. Scots grabbed his little sparrow, Olt. He wrote quickly on a piece of paper. “Take this to Ember,” he said to Olt. Everyone in the group had one. They flew faster than cell phones and were more fun. But mostly they went to the wrong places. For instance, if they saw a worm along the way, they’d drop the message and go for the worm. It frustrated everyone.