The Veterans' Clubhouse

Category: Wings of Faith
Author: Kristen Zajac
Illustrator: Jennifer Houdeshell
Hardcover ISBN: 9781616336608 1616336609
Paperback ISBN: 9781616336615 1616336617
eBook ISBN: 9781616336622 1616336625 3

When Patrick, Hailey, and their parents befriend a homeless man, they learn he’s a veteran who served as a code breaker and played drums in the Navy band. Saddened by Charlie’s current circumstances, the kids organize a benefit concert to start a resource center at their church to help homeless veterans.

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The Veterans' Clubhouse has won the Literary Classic Seal of Approval and is a finalist for the Literary Classics!


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"...An important and timely book... deals with the problem of homelessness in our veteran population. This faith-based story presents the problem as seen through the eyes of two caring children, Patrick and his sister, Hailey. In the U.S., we have veterans from the Vietnam War, Iraq, and Afghanistan conflicts—all dealing with the problems of re-integration into society and PTSD. Jennifer Houdeshell’s expressive illustrations show Patrick and Hailey, their family, friends, churh, and their collective “good works.” The characters’ personalities, their concern, and the compassion that drives their efforts to help veterans come across loud and clear. The artwork is detailed, colorful, and realistic. This adds another layer and personal dimension to the story. This is a good example of a community coming together to help people in need. What started with compassion and empathy soon becomes “Faith in Action.” Through their efforts, Patrick and Hailey experience the power of ideals and service, and also provide a solution that should inspire others to work to solve similar social problems. This book is highly recommended for teachers, parents, and students ages 8 to 10, and for school and church libraries."~Reviewed by Penelope Anne Cole, Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea  and Mágico Mateo (Spanish) and Mágica Mea (Spanish), Magical Mea Goes to School.

"And the little children shall lead them. Leave it to kids to show us the way. Inspiring story and illustrations." ~Sherlyn Burnham-Kuehn, Director of Contemporary Music and Worship Team Leader, Hyde Park United Methodist Church

"A beautiful story of faith, compassion and perseverance! A tribute to the innocent way children can help others to overcome obstacles and in doing so, change the world. Empowering! Lovely illustrations full of color and life." ~Patricia Parker Schwartz, Coordinator of the Mail Call Ministry for the Homeless, Orange City United Methodist Church

"Once again the author takes on a tough issue as seen through the eyes of two children who teach us all about active compassion. The poignant illustrations bring the story "home" to the hearts of young and old alike. As the two children show us, there is something each of us can do in our community until homelessness there becomes just a memory."~The Reverend Vicki R. Walker, Minister of Missions and Outreach, Hyde Park United Methodist Church