Heaven Holds Little Samuel Tippie-Toes

Category: Wings of Faith
Author: Arianne Brynn Carpenter
Artist: Kim Merritt
Paperback ISBN: 9781616336424;1616336420
eBook ISBN: 9781616336431; 1616336439

Samuel is a brave little firefighter. His special angel will carry him to Heaven very soon. His sister Gracie finds it hard to say goodbye. Mama teaches Gracie to fill her memory with special moments of Samuel. On windy days, she can hear him whisper to her when she listens with her heart.

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Two Page Preview:


"When you start to read this sweet book you get a feeling that some life lesson is headed your way about Samuel, the five year old who wants to be a firefighter like his dad and who loves to run around on his tip-toes. The author has also captured how parents hold their breath when a child’s health is precarious and each day, a gift... If I knew a child who needed hope in tough times, this would be an excellent gift. The author does not talk down to children. Rather, Ms. Brynne seems to understand what they need to hear. Their feelings, even the sad and yucky ones, need to be acknowledged. Yet she manages to leave everyone with a sense of healing. And you will miss dear little Samuel, too. But it is not difficult to imagine him running on tippy-toes around heaven with his grandmother. The illustrations are very sweet, and of course there is a strong message about the power of prayer." ~Reviewed by Mary Ann Colihan