Sloth the Lazy Dragon

Category: Health and Hygiene
Author: Regan W.H. Macaulay
Illustrator: Alex Zgud
Hardcover ISBN: 9781616337612 1616337613
Paperback ISBN: 9781616337629 1616337621
eBook ISBN: 9781616337636 161633763X

Sloth is a lazy and overweight dragon taking up space atop of a hoard of gold and jewels within a mountain inhabited by dwarves. One dwarf helps Sloth lose weight through diet and exercise. The grateful dragon, now able to fly, leaves the dwarf and his people a special gift.

Winner of the Seal of Approval- Children's Literary Classics

2017 Purple Dragonfly Winner-2nd Place Health: Sloth the Lazy Dragon by Regan W.H. Macaulay, illustrated by Alex Zgud

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"All the dwarfs in Radish's village are afraid of the dragon which dwells in a cave nearby.  One day Radish enters the dragon's lair in hopes of persuading him to leave.  But, as it turns out, the dragon is unable to leave his cave because he has become too fat.  Sloth, the lazy dragon, can't even get out of the cave, let alone fly.  Radish offers to help Sloth regain his health, and the dragon humbly accepts his offer.  For several years, Radish brings the dragon loads of healthy foods and helps him to exercise.
Regan W.H. Macaulay's Sloth the Lazy Dragon is a wonderfully imaginative book which teaches young readers about conquering fear, setting goals, and above all, making healthy choices. Expressive illustrations by Alex Zgud are an excellent addition to this book which is recommended for home and school libraries." ~Children's Literary Classics

"Sloth the Lazy Dragon" is a delightful health fable that teaches children the value of eating a balanced, healthy diet and regular exercise. It also teaches something about the value of trust, giving without expecting compensation, and respecting differences. Sloth was a lazy dragon who had stopped leaving his cave of treasures because it was too much trouble. He survived on eating stray goats who wandered into his cave. He became heavy and weak, unable to fly like a proper dragon. Sloth's secret was guessed by an unlikely ally, Radish the dwarf. Despite Sloth's fearful appearance, Radish confronted him with his poor health despite Sloth's ineffective threats . Sloth mistrusted Radish, whose brothers and sisters in the mountain feared Sloth. But Radish convinced him to allow him to help by bringing him healthy fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, and lean fish to eat. Radish also taught the dragon simple strengthening exercises, gradually increasing their intensity. Finally one fine day the dragon was ready to fly again. Radish told Sloth: "You must continue with your diet and keep up your exercise, but you are a proper dragon again!" "I am forever grateful," Sloth replied with a bow.' In the end, Sloth decided to leave his gold and hoard of treasures to Radish and the other dwarves, from whom he had originally stolen them. "Sloth the Lazy Dragon" is enhanced by joyous, pastel, comic images of the dragon and his struggle to return to good dragon health. Children will adore the extreme indulgence of Sloth and the spunkiness of Radish. "Sloth the Lazy Dragon" is excellent health motivational reading for children ages 4-7." ~The Midwest Book Review

"What a wonderful vehicle to introduce good eating and exercise habits for children! In Sloth the Lazy Dragon, author Regan W. H. Macaulay, gives the reader a delicious sense of balance in understanding the importance of taking care of oneself with proper diet and exercise! A delightful story that also offers a plus opportunity to discuss new words to little ones. With an entertaining storyline and beautifully illustrated characters by the artistic talents of Alex Zgud, one needs very little imagination to picture the dilemma of overweight �Sloth the Dragon� and his energized training coach �Radish!� Together they make a great team with memorable words and colorful pages that will keep the interest of its audience. The biggest gain with this darling book is its positive message encouraging readers of the importance in taking care of their health and wellness." ~Lainie Belcastro writer, storyteller and speaker

"... is about a fat and lazy dragon�a perfect example of sloth. The dragon makes life difficult for the dwarves that live in the mountain where he is stuck by his excessive weight and weak muscles. One brave dwarf, Radish, faces the dragon and suggests some lifestyle changes. Ms. Macaulay�s picture book, �Sloth the Lazy Dragon,� is a great addition to schools� health and nutrition curriculum, classroom libraries, as well as to doctors and dietitians� offices."~ Penelope Anne Cole, Multi-Award Winning Author