Poodle & Doodle

Category: Animals & Pets
Author: Donna J Shepherd www.donnajshepherd.com
Artist: Jack Foster www.jacktoon.blogspot.com
Print ISBN: 9781616330170; 6161330171
eBook ISBN: 9781616330187; 161633018X

Angel, a twelve-pound prissy poodle, is none too happy when Leah brings home Scruffy, a seventy-five pound clumsy Labradoodle. Why ever would Leah want another pet when she had the perfect dog already? Children will love Donna J. Shepherd's humorous rhymes. Keep a sharp lookout for hidden bones in the delightful illustrations by Jack Foster.

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"Can a poodle with a diva attitude and a Labradoodle without a pedigree really get along? Poodle and Doodle by Donna Shepherd is a perfectly blended tale mixed with just the right touch of humor. The poodle's discovery that she does not always have to be "top dog" and that being a friend is important, make this book not only a delightful read, but also teaches children valuable life lessons. This lovely book, adorned with charming illustrations by Jack Foster, is"pawsitively wonderful" and is sure to be enjoyed by both young and old alike."
~ Dayna Hilton, author of Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog

"Poodle & Doodle is adorable! Donna Shepherd's books are perfect for kids (and moms!) of all ages!"
~ Jill Hart, co-author of So You Want To Be a Work-at-Home Mom, CWAHM.com

"When Scruffy- part Poodle, part Labrador Retriever- joins the family, he is snubbed by the family's dog, a full breed Poodle. Well written rhyme and colorful illustrations show the dichotomy between these two silly dogs and encourage children to never judge a book a by its cover! Bringing home a new pet can be difficult for everyone, especially if there is already a pet at home! Two silly dogs learn a valuable lesson about friendship in this charming, colorful story! Both the antics and the illustrations made me laugh!"
~ Review by Jennifer Reed, children's author

"With its delightful language and charming illustrations, Poodle and Doodle is a picture book that can be read and enjoyed again and again. The story of how Angel, the "perfect" poodle, adjusts to the intrusion of Scruffy, the Labradoodle, will make both children and adults laugh. Donna Shepherd's clever rhymes bring Angel's personality to life, and Jack Foster's artwork adds to the humor. Hidden bones in many of the illustrations keep things fun for multiple readings. The story entertains while teaching good lessons about friendship and change. Great for both home and school libraries!"
~Diana R. Jenkins, author of Stepping Stones, The Comic Collection

"In this heartwarming story from a dog's point of view, children learn it may be hard to accept a newcomer who's different, but opposites can become best friends. A delightful read-aloud for any kid who loves dogs."
~ Liz Ball, author/illustrator of Hidden Treasures Hidden Picture Puzzle Books.

"Poodle and Doodle by Donna J Shepherd is an adorable picture book about a tiny poodle who is upset when her humans bring home a gigantic labradoodle named Scruffy. The colorful illustrations by Jack Foster are perfect portrayals of the cute and amusing story. Poodle and Doodle would appeal to most young kids but it would be especially appropriate for those who love dogs and children coping with sibling rivalry."
~ Janet Ann Collins, author of Secret Service Saint

"This charming children's story in delightful rhyme will amuse every reader as it shows there IS room for more than one dog. Illustrations add to this giving the tale a heartwarming visual."
~ Nancy Carty Lepri, Author

"Donna Shepherd knows that being different from one another can be oodles of fun! Poodle and Doodle's antics will leave you begging for more, and I love the illustrations, too!"
~ Stephanie Reed, author of The Light Across the River

"Poodle and Doodle is adorable! Donna Shepherd's books are perfect for kids (and moms!) of all ages!"
~ Jill Hart, co-author of So You Want to Be a Work-At-Home Mom: A Christian's Guide to Starting a Home-Based Business, CWAHM.com

"Poodle and Doodle will charm most any little guy or girl, with the antics of pets sharing space. Donna's rocking rhymes tell a believable story with plenty of cute. The art is especially appealing with simple, bright lines. What a sweet example of how changes in families call for an attitude adjustment. That slightly jealous poodle shows us how she came around to understanding the new Doodle arrival, and accepting what he had to offer! The story is a wonderful character lesson, in doggy disguise."
~ April Boyer, author and editor of Seeds in Season Writing Resources

"When prissy meets mangy, a story of friendship and acceptance unfolds. Poodle and Doodle will snuggle their way into your hearts, just like they did with each other. A fun, lyrical story of two very different dogs who share a special friendship. Young children will love Poodle and Doodle."
~Cheryl Malandrinos, The Children and Teens Book Connection

"Poodle and Doodle is a fun, cute story that will delight children of all ages, especially those who love dogs. The artwork, done in the computer in bright, happy colors, complements the book perfectly. It has an important underlying message: nobody's perfect and one must always look at the positive side of people--or dogs! My 12-year old daughter also read it and loved it, and although she's old now for this type of book, she said: "If I were 5 I would ask you to read it to me every night." Coming from a child, I think that says a lot."
~ Mayra Calvani, Mayra's Secret Bookcase

"The balance of friendship can be a difficult one to understand. At times one may feel they are overshadowed by a friend and become frustrated. Poodle and Doodle by Donna J. Shepherd explores an unexpected friendship in this delightful rhyming story of two distinctly different dogs. \ Shepherd wonderfully brings to life real life issues all humans contend with in finding their place with friends. Most of all, we are all individuals whether canine or human and should appreciate the positives in all we meet. Illustrator, Jack Foster brings the canine characters to life with their young owner, Leah, making it an adventure to read over and over again."
~ Donna M. McDine, Children's Author - http://www.donna-mcdine.blogspot.com/; National Writing for Children Center

"Poodle and Doodle is a fun read-a-loud that celebrates the gift found in differences. Loved it!"
~Caroline Pignat, author of Greener Grass, WINNER of the Governor General's Award 2009