My Dog

Category: Angelic Harmony
Author: Keith Behunin Empath Media LLC www.CedarBreaks
Hardcover ISBN: 9781616336417; 1616336412
Paperback ISBN: 9781616336394; 1616336390
eBook ISBN: 9781616336400; 1616336404

A clever, heartfelt, and humorous story about a dog that liked to escape and explore and whose love transcended life itself, taken from a song by Cedar Breaks®, filled with strong harmonies and lively instrumentation, that will make you want to dance and sing along.

My Dog (official video) has been selected for the Father/Daughter Film Report's BEST of 2016 show which will be a one-time video stream on Thursday, Dec 29, 2016 @ 5:00 pm(CST) the Father/Daughter Film Report's Facebook page This will be a film festival watched all over the world...!

This Cedar Breaks® My Dog My Dog Video has also taken First Place in the Best Musical category in the short film portion of the Hollywood International Family Film Festival in November 2015!

Cedar Breaks® has taken their award winning music and videos and won Best Country Music Video Award at the World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington DC 2015. My Dog iBook @ iTunes features this music video and its music!

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Cedar Breaks® Music Video--"My Dog Official Video" featured across the country in Christian, family, and contemporary film festivals.


Re: Award-Winning World Music and Independent Film Festival in Washington DC 2015 and International Family Film Festival -MY DOG.

Now for those of you who are tone deaf, let me tell you why these guys & gals & kids & dogs won all these festivals. This group can sing. I have not heard interactive harmonies that come close to this since ABBA.  And in a way, ABBA had it easier...those girls only had to harmonize with each other while the Cedar Breaks Band have six individuals simultaneously match pitch, tone, notes, and chords.  No easy feat, I assure you....
So gather the family around - guys & gals & kids & dogs - press play and have a nice sing along.  Or just listen when you come home after a hard can you not feel good after listening to some foot-tapping, head nodding, happy harmonies from such a song, anyway?  Especially when there's a banjo there to lift the spirits...
… Loved your music - listened to it several times while I was writing the review….~David Bryant Perkins Read whole review at