Merry Myrrh the Christmas Bat

Category:Wings of Faith
Author: Regan W.H. Macaulay
Illustrator: Alex Zgud
Hardcover ISBN: 9781616339371 1616339373
Paperback ISBN: 9781616339357 1616339357
eBook ISBN: 9781616339364 1616339365

Myrrh is a young and very merry brown bat named after one of the gifts of the Magi. He experiences the wonders of his first Christmas among the decorations of a farmhouse, as well as the kindness of the family that discovers him in their home!

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Christmas joy fills the air with a life all its own. Every year it arrives with promises of wonder, whispers of hope, and a sense of well-being for any who are open to it, whether man, or beast, or even a family of little brown barn bats. Animals develop habits and patterns in their lives much like we do. Well, certainly this sweet little family of bats does! They close every year with the enchantment of Christmas lights, smells, and happy feelings, to keep them warm through their winter hibernation. The author and illustrator bring delightful animation, and a new awareness to these charming barn bats and their plight. More can be learned, and even help offered in preserving these little creatures. (Ages 4-7) ~

"... Merry Myrrh the Christmas Bat is an enjoyably written story of the celebration of Christmas. It brings out the joy and excitement of the season. Merry Myrrh, the Christmas Bat also shows us the love surrounding the Christmas season as illustrated by the little girl in the farm house. She shows her parents that we should be helpful and loving to all. The illustrations throughout the book are beautiful, colorful and show each season in detail on every page.
This is a cute story to read to children of any age. I would recommend you add it to your child�s book library. Also add it to your Christmas traditions and read it each year. This story and it�s unique characters will never grow old. I hope you check it out.~"MEOW� ~Cefa the Cat

Myrrh is a young and very merry brown bat named after one of the gifts of the Magi. He experiences the wonders of his first Christmas among the decorations of a farmhouse, as well as the kindness of the family that discovers him in their home in "Merry Myrrh, The Christmas Bat"! An original Christmas story by author Regan W. H. Macaulay and charmingly illustrated by Alex Zgud, "Merry Myrrh, The Christmas Bat" is a wonderfully entertaining read that is very highly recommended for family, daycare center, preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, and community library picture book collections for children ages 4 to 7.

�Merry Myrrh, the Christmas Bat,� by Regan W. H. Macaulay, and illustrated by Alex Zgud, is a sweet Christmas story about all the beauties, joys, and pleasures of the Christmas season as seen through the eyes of a brown bat family, Mr. and Mrs. Raft. Each year they fly to the farmhouse window to see all the decorations, the tree, and the nativity scene. They are blessed with a baby bat, and name him Myrrh, because he is a wonderful gift to them like the gifts of the Magi. They tell him tales of their annual Christmas visit to the farmhouse window to view the Christmas decorations. Myrrh wants to go, too, but his folks think him too young. Myrrh has a squirrel friend, Sensa, who offers to take Myrrh to see the Christmas window. So the two sneak out and Myrrh has a bigger adventure than he anticipated.
The story is lovingly illustrated with gorgeous detail by Alex Zgud. Readers will feel as if they are looking in the window and seeing the wondrous scene that Myrrh and Sensa see. And like Myrrh, we�ll want to get closer and closer. This adventure could very well be Myrrh�s last one, if not for the kindness of the human farmhouse family.
�Merry Myrrh, the Christmas Bat� is highly recommended for children ages 4 � 7. The younger ones will enjoy the artwork as the story is read to them and the older ones can read it themselves or read to younger siblings. This is a lovely story to be shared and enjoyed each Christmas. ~Reviewed by Penelope Anne Cole

�Every year, two bats visit a farmhouse to see the beautiful holiday decorations. Eventually, they have a son, Myrrh. On his first Christmas, he wants to see the decorations, too. Mom and Dad think he's too young. But he has other ideas.
Merry Myrrh, The Christmas Bat is a charming story that features an unlikely Christmas character. Children will enjoy the antics of the adorable bat and all the lovely Christmas scenes throughout the book. The story is well-written with exceptional illustrations. The author also includes a note to readers for how they can help protect bats. Highly recommended for children ages 3-7.� ~Sherry Ellis, Children�s Author

"...When winter arrives, Myrrh is ready to find out what Christmas is all about, but his parents say he�s too young and will have to wait another year. Aided by his friend, Sensa the Squirrel, Myrrh sneaks out at night when his parents are sleeping to investigate the farmhouse�s holiday decorations. Not content to admire the Nativity Scene and Christmas tree from a distance, little Myrrh sneaks into the house through a crack in the window and causes quite a disturbance. Rather than freaking out to find a bat in the house, the family lovingly takes Myrrh back to where he belongs. Illustrated with festive pictures that depict all four seasons, this 26-page book tells a story and teaches a lesson. Although bats aren�t generally considered cute and snuggly, Myrrh and his family have sweet faces with personalities to match. The emphasis on love, joy, and compassion permeates the story and presents bats in a highly sympathetic light, rather than the frightening stereotypical portrayals." ~reviewed by Leslie C. Halpern