The Legend of Lumpus and Ogols

Category: Chapbooks for Tweens
Author: Mel McIntyre
Artist: David McQuillan
Print ISBN: 9781935137962
eBook ISBN: 9781935137979

Lumpus and Ogols discover that by working together and using their special gifts they can defeat the evil Glotabull, the monster responsible for the death of their parents. They hatch a plot and follow it through, helping to make their land a safe place for all who live there. Suggested age for readers: 9-12. This book has some violence and is not recommended for younger children!

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Book Excerpt:

One day Lumpus hunted for skibblegips. Suddenly, the ground quaked so hard beneath him he almost fell down.

"Carbattrees!" He cried quietly, knowing he must keep still while scanning for signs of danger. As the quaking continued, Lumpus established the direction of approaching doom. He withdrew cautiously toward more familiar territory.

Soon Lumpus reached the safety of home ground and called out a warning: "Ogols! Ogols! Ready the burrow shelter. The Glotabull is coming!"

His two large forehead bumps dwarfed those of Ogols, but she sensed things more.

Hearing her brother cry, Ogols unhitched the opening to their secret hiding place to allow Lumpus inside. "The Glotabull." Lumpus repeated in a whisper, grabbing Ogolsí arm and pulling her along. "Letís go."

They escaped downward through the tunnel, through the very roots of the tree thing and into the darkness of inner world. When the Glotabull arrived it would find nothing but a tree thing: the worst it could do would be to uproot it in temper.

Or, as often happened, stamp around in anger at finding no one nearby. Lumpus and Ogols waited for the stomping and shaking above to subside before relaxing.

"Whatís the use of our powers if we arenít able to defeat this monster?" asked Ogols.

Lumpus could turn liquids to solids and make the tree things tremble.