Lady Geyr

Category: Chapbooks for Tweens
Author: Janean Nusz
Artist: Gin May
eBook ISBN: 9781616331610; 1616331615

A child duchess, Lady Geyr, must reclaim her heritage after it is stolen by the Red Knight. Can she do it with only the gargoyles of Castle Geyr to help her?

Excerpt from page 1 & 2

There was nowhere left to run. Frantically, Cailin looked around her, trying to find a way out. All around her rose the high stone walls of the castle bailey. She was cornered. Rain beat against her head, flattening her hair to her skull, as she stood there frozen, feeling desperate. The sounds of the guards were coming closer, their angry bellowing becoming louder and louder. They had chased her into a corner. She would be caught after all.

Cailin bit her lip, squeezing her eyes closed and breathing deeply to fight her terror. Suddenly, through the roar of the pounding rain, she heard a slight whispering sound. Halfway between a hiss and a gurgle, she thought she heard her name being called.

Cailin opened her eyes, expecting to see the castle guard pointing a sword at her heart. Instead, she saw nothing.

The hissing gurgle came again. "Lady Cailin!"

Twisting her head around, she looked in all directions, but could not see where the whisper came from. Suddenly, a huge torrent of water poured down onto her head, drenching her even more. She sputtered and coughed, looking up. There, above her on the parapet of the castle wall, stood the stone gargoyle that usually overlooked the drawbridge.

Startled, Cailin blinked furiously, certain that she was seeing things. The vision remained. The gargoyle had moved from his place and was now standing over her with his huge wings spread wide, clawed hands grasping the edge of the wall above her head. (continued)

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