Bethlehem's King Size Bed

A Christmas Musical
Angelic Harmony
Author: Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins, and Leslie Troyer
Playbook ISBN: 9781616334239; 1616334231
eBook ISBN: 9781616334246; 161633424X
Music CD ISBN: 9781616334253; 1616334258

Children of all ages will steal the show with this fun-filled, easy-to-stage Christmas musical. Phineas of Capernaum orders a flock of sheep to find a king size bed for the newborn King about to be born in Bethlehem. A series of crazy mishaps lead the shepherd to the perfect king size bed. 5 Scenes-6 Songs- 40 minute running time.
Mature 5-–13-year-olds would enjoy performing this play.
The CD has all the music vocal and sountracks included!
Listen to "King Size Bed" here

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Scene 1

[Stage Left: Lambs on hillside while their shepherd visits a shop in Nazareth.]

Narrator: Judah was a young shepherd, searching for a portable manger to feed his flock on long trips in the desert.

[Judah enters the Carpenterís shop.]

Joseph: Welcome to my carpenterís shop, young lad. Iím Joseph of Nazareth. How may I help you today?

Judah: Thank you for the warm welcome. My name is Judah. I am in need of a portable feeding trough for my lambs. My flock and I travel quite a bit, and thereís not a lot of grass in the desert. So I need a small manger I can place my flockís feed in when they get hungry.

Joseph: This is your lucky day! I just drove the last nail into a manger I built for Methuselah, my old donkey. [moves toward manger] Itís right over here. [plucks up manger and sets in front of Judah] See if this will meet your needs.

Judah: Oh, I couldnít impose and take such a sturdy manger away from you when you might need it.

Joseph: Methuselah wonít mind. I can make him another one. Since you have traveled so far I want you to have this. [hands manger to Judah]

Judah: [spies a marking on manger] What is this symbol on the corner?

Joseph: Thatís my special seal. I put that on everything I build.

Judah: It looks like a lamb?

Joseph: It is a lamb! The angel of the Lord has been visiting me as I sleep. I have had dreams of one spotless lamb. I donít know if Jehovah is asking me to leave my carpentry and become a shepherd or what? But I know this spotless lamb represents something very important!

Judah: Father always told me when Jehovah speaks to be very patient. Sometimes it takes time for Him to reveal His plan and purpose, but He will show us in His own way and time.

Joseph: I believe Jehovah sent you to my shop today, Judah. [shake hands]

Judah: I believe that too. How much do I owe you for this manger?

Joseph: I donít feel I should charge you. Your words have ministered to my heart. They are straight from Heaven. I canít put a price on divine connections. I feel we will meet again one day.

Judah: I feel the same way. And the next time we meet, I want you to tell me more about the spotless lamb. [Judah exits. Lights dim slightly. Faint spotlight on Joseph as he gazes heavenward and prays.]

Joseph: Jehovah, I remember when I was a little boy, and every year my father would take me to the Temple. I saw the spotless lamb being sacrificed for our sins. I understood what that lamb represents back then, but I need You to help me understand what You are trying to show me now about the one spotless lamb that is in my dreams. Please teach me.

SONG #1—One Spotless Lamb