Category: Wings of Faith
Author: Colleen L. Reece
Artist: K.C. Snider www.kcsniderart.com
Print ISBN: 9781616330217; 161633021X
eBook ISBN: 9781616330224; 1616330228

Six of the Witherspoon children have special things they like to do on their farm. The seventh child doesn’t. Then one miserable, awful, lonely afternoon, she discovers the secret of what the katydids mean when they sing her family to sleep on late summer and early fall evenings.

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"Sometimes kids just need to change their attitude, but also need to recognize they have a choice to do so. Prayer is so important in learning to ask for help from the One who can help us to change for the better. When Katydidn't, things did not go well. When Katydid, It was like night and day. The pictures illustrate it well. Such a good message for children and adults!"

"As happens in families each child is different and Katy may be the most different of all. They all have things they enjoy doing...Because Katy didn't, she found herself alone and lonely, until she remembered something Jesus said. Children will love this book with its repetitions, and the interesting differences between the brothers and sisters. Katy finds her own solution to her loneliness and shares a secret with the katydids that sing her to sleep at night. There is a valuable lesson in this book that children will pick up as easily at Katy did."
-- Sharon A. Soffe, Reviewer

"Everything about this book is beautiful. From the stunning cover art to the touching and memorable story inside, from the meaningful lesson the book shares to the how artist K.C. Snider brought the Witherspoon family and their farm to life, there is so much to love in this story. Getting along can be difficult for children. The perfect blend of flowing prose, nature, and Biblical wisdom will find your child picking up this book time and again. The leaf accents that adorn the front cover can also be found on the first page that shares the story of the katydids, and on some of the other inside pages, tying all the elements together."
--Cheryl Malandrinos, Reviewer The Children's and Teens Book Connection

"Parents, grandparents, teachers, children’s pastors and homeschoolers of all ages are going to love Colleen Reece’s new children’s book Katydidn’t. I have been involved in Christian education for over 20 years and consider myself to be pretty particular when it comes to Christian children’s literature. I found Katydidn’t to be a breath of fresh air. This book should be read in Sunday school classes, children’s church, Christian schools, homeschooling book clubs, mother’s laps and in grandma’s rocking chairs. I can see little ones’ spirits being opened up by this delightful story because they will begin to grasp the importance of seeing how our responses can help or hurt our relationships. Katydidn’t is like a mirror reflecting what every child has felt or said. What I liked best is the creative lesson in conflict resolution Ms. Reece ends with. She took a negative response and transformed it into a positive one. She is an author we can trust to help shape the small souls in our lives. Throw in K.C. Snider’s colorful illustrations and you’ve got a ‘Blue Ribbon’ book. Her pictures are guaranteed to capture the attention the wiggle worms in your life. I hope this dynamic duo will team up again because I know it will be another winner for sure!"
--Dixie Phillips, Reviewer

"Children will learn with Katy to open their minds and consider other’s likes and desires. The Christian tale teaches children to 'do unto others as they would want others to do unto them.' The picture book not only tells an endearing story, but can be useful to teachers instructing children to read. The repetitive nature of the text will strengthen a child’s recognition of words. The illustrations provide an added gem to the reading experience. The vivid scenery and expressive faces of the children are a veritable feast for the eyes. Highly recommended for Christian children especially emergent readers."
-- J. Aday Kennedy, The Differently-Abled Children's Author

"What an original title and story! Katydidn't is about a common, well-known message--The Golden Rule--yet it is told from an unusual angle. Children will fully enjoy this sweet tale about a little girl who discovers, all by herself, the secret to friendship and companionship. The colorful illustrations by Oregon artist K.C. Snider harmonize perfectly with the story, making this a book that kids will want to listen to again and again."
--Mayra Calvani, Mayra's Secret Bookcase