Kangaroo Clues

Category: Academic Wings
Author: Margot E. Finke www.margotfinke.com
Artist: Mustafa Delioglu
Print ISBN: 9781616333683; 1616333685
eBook ISBN: 9781616333690; 1616333693

Crafty Old Man Roo escapes the dingoes that are chasing him. This "dreamtime" rhyming story features unique Aussie critters - kangaroos, emu, echidna, kookaburra and marsupial mice, etc. A fun tale that is also educational, includlng glossary words.

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Rattlesnake Jam
Ruthie & the Hippo's Fat Behind
Horatio Humble Beats the Big D
Taconi & Claude: Double Trouble


Margot Finke’s new release, Kangaroo Clues, is a sneaky book. You think it’s going to be a rhyming ode to Kangaroos and other Australian Outback critters. But no, it’s an exciting survival story of how tough life can be for these amazing animals. The “clue” here, is that this is another book in Ms. Finke’s “Wild and Wonderful Series.” Along with her Mama Grizzly Bear, this story takes the reader to the wild world – animals in their natural habitat.This book is not for the faint of heart. This is a story with powerful images and strong action. Ms. Finke is famous for coaxing the reluctant boy reader. With this book, no coaxing is necessary. It’s an exciting story, with strong images, yet softened somewhat by rhyme and references to the Dreamtime spirits. Perhaps it was all a dream. You’ll have to get it to see for yourself. However, be forewarned, the lovely artwork and descriptive rhyme harbor a sneaky, true-to-life story that’s educational and entertainin-. Reviewed by: Penelope Anne Cole, Award Winning Author of Magical Matthew and Magical Mea.

The book is told through Australian Aboriginal eyes, and tells the story of the Dreamtime, where all things come from and where they go back to when their time on earth is finished.
The book conveys a tale of bravery on the kangaroo's part. Is it true, or is it fable? No matter. The story is what counts. The imagery. The mysticism. The beauty. And the dreamlike quality of the allegory itself. This joyous book contains explanatory notes on each page, so the reader is always informed on the text.
Margot Finke is a master story teller, and this time she has outdone herself in the sumptuous work that would be a gorgeous gift for adults as well as for children. And in Margot's Australian words, Well done, Mate!- Reviewed by Award Winning Nancy Stewart http://www.nancystewartbooks.blogspot.com