A Necklace for Jiggsy

Category: Animals & Pets
Author & Illustrator: Kit Grady www.kitgrady.com
Print ISBN: 9781616330910; 1616330910
eBook ISBN: 9781616330927; 1616330929

Jiggsy, a junk yard dog, delights in finding a special diamond necklace he thinks will change his life. When his special possession disappears, Jiggsy realizes how it feels to lose something dear and decides to do the right thing. His honesty is well rewarded.

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Two Page Preview:


I really like this book as it teaches children about honesty and a little about life. It is a quick story with really neat, bright pictures. The story is about a junk yard dog named Jiggsy and a beautiful necklace he finds. He hears that the owner would like it back but he has gained the respect of many others because of his beautiful necklace – therefore he doesn’t want to return it to her. That is, until he looses his very special pillow. He then realizes how much the original owner of the necklace must feel. He promptly returns it to her – and she returns the favor to him. But you’ll have to read the story to find out how. This book is very well written and beautifully illustrated!