Jeremiah Lucky and the Guardian Angel

Category: Chapbooks for Tweens
Author: Jane Ellen Freeman
Eric Hammond
Hardcover ISBN: 9781616335731; 1616335734
Softcover ISBN: 9781616335748; 1616335742
eBook ISBN: 9781616335755; 1616335750

Eight-year-old Jeremiah tries hard. That's good. But he worries too much. Not so good. Jeremiah misses his dead father and pushes himself to be grown-up to help his mom. With so many things to remember, Jeremiah's forgetfulness grows. What will happen when Jeremiah teams up with his guardian angel?


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Two Page Preview:

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On the day that Jeremiah Lucky first saw the angel, he wakened as usual to the “Farmer in the Dell,” the happy tune blaring from his CD player alarm clock. “I need to ask Mom to get me a new CD,” he muttered, reaching over to his nightstand and turning off the alarm just as the farmer took a wife. “Something that’s not a baby song.”

Jeremiah listened. The house was quiet. Mom had gone to her job at the hospital. After using the bathroom, he padded downstairs to the kitchen. Mom had put the box of his favorite cereal on the table beside a bowl, spoon, and glass. Yawning, Jeremiah got the milk from the refrigerator and ate his breakfast. After dressing and brushing his teeth, Jeremiah grabbed his book bag and hurried to school.

On the next to the last step going into Bradford Street Primary School, something caught Jeremiah’s eye—a penny, a shiny new penny.

“All the bus kids are in already,” he mumbled, “and not one of them saw this penny. Pretty lucky, Jeremiah Lucky."