/ Tiny Homeless King
Tiny Homeless King

A Children's Christmas Musical

Category: Angelic Harmony
Author: Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins, Leslie Trettin
Paperback Playbook ISBN: 9781616338503 1616338504
eBook ISBN: 9781616338510 1616338512
Musical CD: 9781616338527 1616338520

Celebrate Christmas with Dotty the Dalmatian at the local fire station. Life changes for two homeless children when they attend the annual Christmas party and hear the Christmas story for the first time. Children of all ages will love this fun, easy-to-sing Christmas musical.

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My son really loves this book. It was fun for him to discover that it was more than just the number zero. Each “zero” has its own story, and that is what he loves about it. We read it more than once and talked about these stories and why zero. My son said that there should be “one”, “two”, “three” and so on. That’s how much he loves this book. Adults will definitely love this book too. It reads like poetry and it speaks from the heart. ~ Carolyn Vicencio is a Master Degree educator and writer in the Philippines

I loved the concept of getting across what zero means to children. It’s unique, interesting, and engaging, yet at the same time educational and informative. The illustrations are vibrant and lively and they make the concept clearer. The illustrations give zero an identity and a personality of its own throughout the story. It is also interesting to learn about the birth of zero and ways to say zero in other languages. The book is excellent for bedtime story telling and is a perfect tool for read aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. I liked the way the author has used different ways to show what zero means and when we can say it is zero. Children’s books should be like this one–educational, informative, and fun so that learning and teaching become interesting and children look forward to learning and parents and educators enjoy teaching.~Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite Ways to Say Zero