Grandma's Telescope

Category: Academic Wings
Author: Kristen Zajac
Photo Illustrator: Brooke Hamilton
Hardcover ISBN: 9781616337667 1616337664
Paperback ISBN: 9781616337674 1616337672
eBook ISBN: 9781616337681 1616337680

When Dad loses his job, their family must move in with grandparents. Sarah, Owen and Olivia struggle with the loss of their old house, friends, and school, but their outlook improves when the family begins stargazing. Through the allure of astronomy and the opportunity to talk together undistracted, they discover ways to “see in the dark”. .

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"In “Grandma’s Telescope,” author, Kristen Zajac, has captured a hope-filled story that affects millions of families experiencing change through the crises of unemployment. She sensitively outlines the personal losses felt by three siblings who suddenly feel displaced when their Dad loses his job. Anxieties set in when they give up their home, school, friends, activities and pet, only to experience more tension when moving in with Grandma and Grandpa. Honest expressions are communicated throughout the book, but blessings are also discovered through simple paths paved by the Grandparents. Captured readers will also discover lessons in astronomy, detailing explanations of stars, planets and astronomers. Through the talents of her lens, Brooke Hamilton, has filled this book with beautiful, realistic photographs complimenting the author’s words. This is a story offering encouragement and discovery for children and families facing economic challenges, but who eventually, find their stars!”~ Lainie Belcastro- Writer, Storyteller, and Speaker

"A truly amazing and inspiring story! This story is touching and full of hope as it teaches a lesson about adjustment, values, and appreciation. It will bring a smile to readers' faces as they are reminded of the simple pleasures in life that bring family and friends together. The author also incorporates astronomy facts showing that learning can be fun! This is a timeless story that can be added to any home and educator’s collection! This book can be used to help children transcend their own challenges, as well as to teach them to consider various viewpoints, respect differences, and become more self-aware."~Rochelle Taormina, PhD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"Kristen Zajac’s book “Grandma’s Telescope,” illustrated with photos by Brooke Hamilton, is a true reflection of our times. This is a good book for any family who’s struggling with loss and change, such as a parent losing a job, divorce and separation, or a move that forces everyone to find new friends, new schools, and new routines. It shows how important family is for help and support in tough times. This book reminds us to name and count our blessings. The photo illustrations ... put faces to the names in the story and help us better visualize what happens." ~Reviewed by Penelope Anne Cole, Multi-Award Winning Author