A Duck at the Dog Pound

Category: Animals & Pets
Author& Illustrator: Susann Batson www.susannbatson.com
Print ISBN: 9781933090448
eBook ISBN: 9781933090238

Wiggles the Duck desperately wanted to be a dog so she could take walks with the family, but when she shows her three Beagle friends how to get out of their pen, they all end up at the dog pound! AWARD WINNER!

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A Duck at the Dog Pound...Wiggles teaches a great lesson to young children about being happy with one's self. With humor, wonderfully simple art, and a deft touch, Susann Batson has created a lovely story for you children. I certainly hope to see a lot more from this children's author.
--Reviewer Cindy Penn www.wordweaving.com