Something to Crow About

An Easter Musical
Angelic Harmony
Author: Dixie Phillips Sharon Phillips
Playbook ISBN: 9781616338046 1616338040
eBook ISBN: 9781616338053 1616338059
Music CD ISBN: 9781616338060 1616338067

Crow the rooster is an eyewitness the night Peter denied Jesus, but no one has ever heard his account of the story until now. When Crow and his barnyard buddies travel to Jesusí tomb and discover Jesus has risen from the dead, ďHalle Doodle Do YasĒ fill the air. Crow finally has something to crow about.!

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Sample Page:

Scene 1

[Opens with choir standing quietly until Narrator is finished. Narrator takes Center Stage, sets up scene for audience and exits. Then choir sings Something to Crow About]

NARRATOR: Crow and Doodle were roosters. They grew up in the same chicken coop. The two fine-feathered friends were always dreaming and crowing about what they were going to be when they grew up. All their dreaming never prepared them for the day they took a road trip to visit Jerusalem. As the sun was rising, the two friends and their barnyard buddies were singing Godís praises. [Narrator exits]

Song #1óSomething to Crow About

Choir Sings~~


Weíve got something to crow aboutÖCockadoodle-do

[Crow, Doodle, Daisy, Ewey, Humphrey, Snort, Cat, and Bones gather around discussing their plans for the day]

DOODLE: What a beautiful day!

DAISY: Iíll say. I never knew Iíd love the city so much.

EWEY: Me, either.

SNORT: Hey, have any of you seen our donkey pal, Dash?

BONES: Last I knew he was thirsty and headed to the well to get a drink, but thatís been some time ago.

SNORT: Well, I wonder what could be taking him so long.

CROW: I sure donít like the idea of a young donkey being out on the streets of Jerusalem all alone.

EWEY: Better a young donkey than a perfect laaaaaamb!

HUMPHREY: Good point, Ewey! Every time we stroll past the Temple Iím sure glad Iím a camel.

DOODLE: Donít be such a scaredy camel, Humphrey!

CROW: Well, Iím always happy to be a rooster, except for those occasional trips past Chik-fill-A! Well, letís not talk about that. Weíve got more important things to do. Letís find Dash.

DOODLE: Good idea! Where shall we start?