Chip's Sharing Day

Category: Littlest Angels
Author: Linda Derkez
Artist: Phoebe Doehring
Print ISBN: 9781616332457; 161633245X
eBook ISBN: 9781616332464; 1616332468

Cousin Dorcas is visiting today and Chip's mother tells him he must share his toys because it's kind and nice and fair to share. Shy Dorcas picks up one toy after the other, only to have that rascal Chip remind her that they have to share and take turns playing with his toys. Finally, Dorcas decides to be kind and nice and fair by sharing something with Chip that he might not actually want! Chip finds himself reluctantly admiring his cousin for beating him at his own game.

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3 stars! "Chip's cousin Dorcas comes to visit and Chip is supposed to be nice to her because she's very shy. Mom even wants him to show her his toys. He doesn't like sharing his toys though. Whatever Dorcas touches, Chip immediately takes it away from her. Whatever Dorcas wants to play with, suddenly seems incredibly interesting to Chip, even the things he has long forgotten about. Then Dorcas, who is as clever as she is shy, decides to beat Chip at his own game. She takes something out of her pocket and pats it secretly. Chip snatches it from her. What a shock when it turns out to, I'm not giving this away. It's a nice twist. Sharing is one of the most difficult things to learn for kids. Their toy cars are as valuable to them as a Mercedes is to a grown-up. Frankly: would you share your car with your neighbor? I think it's important to accept that kids aren't just being egoistic and mean when they don't want other kids to play with their toys. On the other hand, they have to learn to trust that others don't take their things away for good, and that--even better--when they share they can play with others instead of playing alone. Now I'm stepping of my soapbox to say: Chip's Sharing Day is a cute book and kids will love it. Warmly recommended." -Reviewed By E-Books for Kids

4 stars! "Chip is the kind of child that doesn't like to share. He also likes to call his cousin Dorcas, a shy little girl, Dorkie, instead of using her real name. When his cousin Dorcas came to play, he didn't like the idea of sharing anything. His mother asked him to show her his room and to be "kind and nice and fair" by sharing his toys with his cousin. Everything that Dorcas had, Chip wanted, even if he told her that he didn't want it anymore, and he constantly reminded her that his mother told them to be "kind and nice and fair." Finally, when Dorcas was tired of reminding her cousin of her real name, and tired of him taking everything she wanted to play with, she stepped into the corner and took something small out of her pocket. Immediately, Chip wanted it and reminded her once again that they were told to be "kind and nice and fair". Dorcas placed the tiny object into his cupped hands, told him he could keep it and left the room. Soon after, Chip came running out of his room screaming! What did Dorcas hand him? Is Dorcas as shy as she seems to be? CHIP'S SHARING DAY is a wonderful story with delightful illustrations. This book is perfect for teaching children the consequence of not sharing. It also shows children that sometimes people aren't what they seem to be, even if they are as shy and vulnerable as little Dorcas."
-Reviewed By Jennifer LB Leese for Fiction Forum

3 stars! "Sharing is such a difficult concept for most young children to understand. When Dorcas, Chip's cousin comes over to play, Chip finds it hard to share anything with her, including an old balloon he said he didn't want. Finally, Dorcas has had enough and walks out of Chip's bedroom. But, she leaves a little surprise for Chip! Chip realizes that Dorcas is not so bad and actually fun to play with. Sharing is important and makes life much more enjoyable. Bright illustrations and easy text make this story fun to read. Children will relate well to the characters and laugh at the twist at the end!"
-Reviewed by Jennifer Reed for Wee Ones Magazine

“CHIP’S SHARING DAY is a delightful book about a mischievous young bear named Chip whose cousin comes to visit. His mother tells him to play nicely with her and share his toys. Her name is Dorcas, but Chip seems to want to call her "Dorkie" and is gently corrected each time he does so. As they go off to play, every time Dorcus picks up one of his toys, Chip takes it back while Dorcus agreeably moves on to the next one. After this happens several times, Dorcus decides to share something with Chip, and he is in for a big surprise! See what happens to make a change in how Chip views and treats his cousin. Phoebe Doehring provides the expressive illustrations that help bring the story to life.”
-Reviewed by Connie Arnold

5 Stars! "It also has a life lesson for children—that no matter how timid a child is, she has to have the strength within herself to combat anyone who is unkind. I think this book will empower children who are timid and bring enlightenment to those children who are a bit unkind to their playmates. I felt this book was entertaining, as well as a lesson in social skills for children. The pictures are colorful, cute, and, in my opinion, will hold the attention of any small child. For me, this books earns 5 stars for content, life lessons, and art.”
-Children’s book author Susan Hornbach