Her Brown Hair

Category: Health & Hygiene
Author& Illustrator: Jill Dana www.jilldanabooks.com
Print ISBN: 9781616336486 161633648X
eBook ISBN: 9781616336493 1616336498

A poetic look at friendship through ups and downs: sharing and imagining books, feeling well and unwell, and visiting each other. Through poetic text and mixed-media clay illustrations, this book examines the narrator’s experience through a unique lens. A companion peice to Her Pink Hair.

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A companion piece to the author's book, "Her Pink Hair," "Her Brown Hair" is a sensitive exploration of the meaningof friendship, durable through experiences of pain, illness, and recovery. Children ages 5-7 will empathize with the colorful clay figure illustrations and sparse text portraying a friendship between a child who is ill and hospitalized and other children who are healthy, loyal visitors, bringing gifts such as favorite stories, treats, and cheerful visits. The story of "Her Brown Hair" is told through images of colorful clay child figures with varying skin colors, embellished with friendly black and white canine friends. "Her Brown Hair" ends on an upbeat note, with the ill child's triumphant discharge home from the hospital: "Today, tomorrow, yesterday, and always, we'll be friends." The wondrous message is that friendship endures, steadfast, through good times and bad, health and sickness. "Her Brown Hair" is a powerful, creative children's book with a positive core message. ~Midwest Book Review-Children's Bookwatch: January 2016--The Health Shelf