Category: Animals & Pets
Author: Donna J. Shepherd
Artist: Kit Grady
Print ISBN: 9781616330712; 1616330716
eBook ISBN: 9781616330729; 161633724

In a book that's both fact-filled and fun, a ladybug compares the words used to describe male and female animals. Donna J. Shepherd's lyrical rhymes and Kit Grady's charming illustrations tell a delightful story of a spirited little bug who provides a unique perspective on why names can be deceiving.

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"Here's another cute and educational book by Donna Shepherd! Being called a ladybug annoys a spunky male insect. He feels that other animals don't have this problem of mistaken identity! As proof, he offers examples of animals that have different names for male and female. (What a fun way to teach kids some good vocabulary!) But a clever kid helps him see things in a new way, and Bradybug learns you can't judge others by their names. Kids will enjoy the clever rhymes and charming illustrations while they learn."
--Diana R. Jenkins, author of Stepping Stones: The Comic Collection (Diana's blog: DJ's Thoughts).