Barry Sweets and the Candy Cane Factory

A Christmas Musical
Angelic Harmony
Author: Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips, Lucy Robbins, and Leslie Trettin
Playbook ISBN: 9781616337308 1616337303
eBook ISBN: 9781616337315 1616337311
Music CD ISBN: 9781616337322 161633732X
Even though business is booming at the candy cane factory, Barry Sweets isn’t satisfied. Greed has given him a “sour” disposition, but Granddad refuses to give up on him. Kids will love this easy-to-sing-and-stage children's Christmas musical filled with “sweet” surprises and timeless truths.

The CD has all the music included! Listen to one song here.
Also a music video will be available at iTunes.

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Sample Page: Scene 1 [Scene opens with Narrator stage left. Barry Sweets and factory workers are stage right, busily working in factory while Narrator talks. When finished, they join the choir and begin to sing first song.] NARRATOR: Granddad Sweets collected characters. He loved children of all shapes and sizes. Many of the children from his neighborhood worked diligently in his candy cane factory. His grandson, Barry Sweets, also worked there, but he was not ‘Barry sweet’ at all. In fact, he had a ‘Barry bad’ attitude most days. Folks around here called him ‘Barry Bitter.’ But Granddad Sweets refused to give up on his grandson. Well, enough of my ramblings. Why don’t you take a peek behind the scenes of the Sweets Candy Cane Factory and decide for yourself if Barry Sweets’ sour disposition could use some sweetening. Song #1 – Sweetest Time of the Year Verse 1 Time to kick holiday cheer in high gear. It is the sweetest time of the year. With Christmas baking And candy making, (continued)