Angel in a Bubble

Category: Angel to Angel
Author: Melisa Eyuboglu
Print ISBN: 9781933090481
eBook ISBN: 9781933090596

Guardian angels are being turned into bubbles! Join Alison and her pets—a golden retriever, a deer, and a mouse—as they cross forests, hike mountains, and climb rainbows in order to find God and help the angels. An adventurous, mythical journey!

Meet our First Angel to Angel Author/Illustrator- Melisa Eyuboglu is nine years old. She loves playing the violin, writing, illustrating, reading, and shopping. Her favorite book is Bunnicula. She dreams of becoming either a veterinarian or a violinist one day. Playing with Amigo, her golden retriever, is one of her best pastimes.

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Two Page Preview:


Nine year old Melisa has created a thoughtful story for children. Her bright illustrations done mostly in watercolors and ink make a real splash on the pages of her book. She captures the imagination of young children in this delightful story that might get you to wonder, where is my angel? Will I ever meet him or her? A promising writer/illustrator, Melisa's debut book is one the entire family can enjoy!
--Jennifer Reed, Editor, Wee Ones Children's Magazine

How refreshing to read a story filled with encouragement and determination to reach a goal... A delightful and spiritually encouraging story filled with illustrations drawn by the young author. At such a young age, Melisa shows great promise as a writer. I highly recommend this 28 page book to one and all, regardless of age, to enjoy and reflect on Melisa’s message to open our hearts and help a person in need.

I'd also like to acknowledge and extend kudos to Guardian Angel Publishing for allowing our young muses an avenue to express themselves through writing.
--Lea Schizas - Muse Book Reviews Founder

"Children with imaginations are blessings. Enjoy the stories they can tell like the book written by Melisa Eyuboglu about an angel. It gives us hope for the world of tomorrow."
--Anne K. Edwards, author of Jeremy and the Dragon

This delightful book is written and illustrated by nine year old Melisa Eyuboglu. She uses colorful text and drawings to capture the young reader’s imagination. Her story is sweet but also one that demonstrates a willingness to help others. Alison sets out on a quest after getting her mother’s permission, and makes an effort to change what she sees as an unjust rule. This young author shows promise in her descriptive text but also in her ability to portray compassionate characters. If she puts her mind to the quest of becoming a great author, as Alison did to helping her new friend, we’ll be sure to see more from this young lady in the future.
--Heather Froeschl, author, editor and reviewer of and

Nine-year-old Melisa has written a delightful and imaginative story young readers will enjoy. The wonderful illustrations bring to life this enchanting tale of a young girl who meets her angel and helps to free her from a bubble. A wonderful lesson in the importance of helping others in need. Hopefully we all have an angel watching over us.
--Christina Lewis,

Melisa Eyuboglu has written and illustrated a beautiful book for kids. This book makes children use their imagination and wonder what they would ask God for if they ever got to meet him face to face. The illustrations are pencil-like drawings with watercolors. Without the fancy drawings in some books, these will have children really understand the story.

I hope Melisa writes more books about the adventures of Alison and Amigo.
--Reader Views