Andy & Spirit Go to the Fair

Book 2 of the Andy & the Albino Horse Series
Academic Wings
Author: Mary Jean Kelso
Artist: K.C. Snider
Print ISBN: 9781935137030
eBook ISBN: 9781935137092
DVD ISBN: 9781935137290

Andy and Spiritís world expands as they grow together and experience things neither would have had the opportunity to do alone. The two become heroes to each other as they meet and accomplish challenges Andy never thought possible before the two of them became a team. 10 illustrations, 2100 word storybook, 24 pages.

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Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair is the sweet story of a boy and a horse, their bond and loyalty to one another, and the challenges they must face because of being 'different'. K.C. Snider's colorful yet earthy illustrations bring the spirit of the West to life and children will particularly love the beautiful, majestic pictures of the horses. An inspiring tale about overcoming obstacles, this book carries a universal message that will be enjoyed by children and adults alike.
~Mayra Calvani, Midwest Book Review

I absolutely loved the story of Andy and Spirit Go to the Fair. It took me back to my childhood when I was able to visit the fair. I could smell all the delicious aroma of food drifting from the stands. The anxiety that Andy experiences, this reader could share along with him. I thought the way Spirit and Andy had an understanding toward the other was well-written and lends a great deal of warmth to the storyline. Spirit was slightly different as well as Andy, and they both were able to understand the other. Mary Jean Kelso creates a story that melts the heart and brings a smile to the face. I love her style of writing. She reaches into her heart and brings forth a budding story that will thrill the readers while leaving a wonderful feeling inside. The illustrations by K.C. Snider almost leap from the pages; they are so life-like. Every little detail and sketching is remarkably done, making this story one incredible read.
~Linda Lattimer, Reviewer