Amos Faces His Bully

Category: Wings of Faith
Author: Cheryl C. Malandrinos
Illustrator: Jack Foster
Paperback ISBN: 9781616339111 161633911X
eBook ISBN: 9781616339128 1616339128

Amos is targeted by the town bully because he is so small. When word reaches Amos of his friend Davidís battle with Goliath, he thinks back to what David told him about putting his faith in Godís protection. Perhaps the same God can help Amos face his bully, too.

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I recommend AMOS FACES HIS BULLY for young readers to show that they do not have to tolerate being bullied. It would make a great addition to school libraries, public libraries, and of course your own library.~The Story of a Writer

Amos Faces His Bully was a cute kids book that I would personally recommend for any child...I hope the author decides to write more books like this one as it was really a great read for a young child!~Sefina Hawke's Books

I personally found this book to be perfect for young school age children because it gives them an idea of how to deal with bullies and it uses a bible story to do so. I loved the way that the words teach children to put their faith in God. Overall, this a must read book for any young children!~Books for Books

I highly recommend this book for all the children in your life. I love the lesson behind the story and truly enjoyed the story and the illustrations. ~ Reviews by Crystal

I would recommend this book to parents to read with their children if they feel that they may have an issue with bullying because it may help to solve the problem by giving them the confidence to stand up for themselves. ~The Next Best Thing to Mummy

I have read many of Cheryl's books through the years and she has always been right on point. We need more Christian books like this for young children to have in their hands.~The Blended Blog

While teaching about standing up to bullies, the book also opens the door for reading and talking about scripture ó a win-win for parents!~By the Book

This is a great childrenís story that encourages children to stand up to bullies but, more importantly, it teaches to put their faith in God by using a story from the Bible.~Bound 4 Escape

What a wonderful read! Lessons mixed right with the bible...Just an all around wonderful book! Star rating beyond a five!~Stormy nights Reviewing & Bloggin'

I really enjoyed this poignant story of handling a very real problem for children using a classic Biblical tale, which creates a fantastic way in which to reinforce or introduce scripture to younger audiences.~That's What She's Reading

I thought this book was a very well thought out story for youngsters. I think it would help the bully as well as the bullied.~A Room without Books is Empty