Smileytooth and the Space Chase

Series: The Adventures of Smileytooth Book Four

Category: Health & Hygiene
Author: James Gary Nelson, D.D.S. & Jeany Pontrelli
Artist: Debbie Bumstead
Print ISBN: 9781616335311; 1616335319
eBook ISBN: 9781616335328; 1616335327

In Smileytooth and the Space Chase, Planet Tongue is captured by Plaque Aliens --ooo, so much goo all over Tongue! Far away at the Smile Space Station, Dr. Gary orders Captain Smileytooth with Ensign Toothbrush and Lieutenant Toothpaste to pack up HappyTeeth spaceship and rush to save Tongue. Dodging through dangerous candy meteors, the spaceship races to the rescue. Fourth book of the Smileytooth dental hygiene series. And watch out for those candy meteors!

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